Non Profit Outreach

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The Carolina Catfish Festival and Gaston Festivals and Events have teamed up to offer some great opportunities for non profits to be able to raise much needed funds for their organizations. Here is one of the ways the Carolina Catfish can help.

When we think of Catfish I'm sure a lot of things pop into your mind. However, I have no doubt that you do not think of them as money makers for your organizations. 


Well they are now!

Who can participate? Any registered non profit located in Gaston County.

How many non profits can benefit? For one week, we will allow any non profit to submit their organization. We will collect all entries and at the end of the week we will pick 10 non profits to participate. 

How do you make money? Well, this is the easy part!


You simply share the info with your supporters through email and/Facebook. Ask your supporters to sponsor a Catfish for your organization. The cost to sponsor a Catfish is $25.00. Your organization gets $5.00 for each sponsored fish in your organization's name. 

But that's NOT all!

Each Catfish sponsored for your organization will race during non profit night ( Fri and Sat, September 25-26th) at the festival. If a Catfish that was sponsored for you organization is the eventual champion, that organization will win $1,000.00 on top of the $5.00 per sponsored Catfish.

But wait there's more!

We will also donate $500.00 to the non profit with the MOST number of sponsored Catfish. That's in addition to the already raised funds from the $5.00 per sponsored Catfish. 



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2019   Recap

Presenting Webb Street School with a check for 2,000. Carolina Thunder of Gaston County came together back in September, raced some catfish and raised $1590.00.

With additional funds raised through their group they were able to present this check and treat bags for all the kids, staff and teachers. We all had a blast and what a great ending.

Thank you to the Webb Street School staff, our volunteers and everyone that sponsored a catfish during the races. We can not thank you enough for everything you do for our community.

We are already getting requests for next years races and have no doubt we will at least double the winnings for our non profit night.