Welcome to the non profit registration page. We are very excited to welcome your organization to the catfish family. We want to make sure we create the most effective way to help you raise funds and add a little fun to the mix. 

We do not have a lot of requirements in order to register your non profit organization. But we do have a few. Let's go over those quickly.

1. Your non profit organizations must be registered with the Secretary of State as being a non profit. 

2. Your non profit must be based in or surrounding Gaston County.

3. You will be required to appoint at least 1 person from your organizations (or more if you choose) to be your "catfish handler" during the races. This person will be your organizations representation during the races. This persons tasks may include handling catfish, making announcements, helping cheer on your sponsored catfish to the finish line and various other tasks affiliated with your sponsored catfish. 


Non profits will ask their supporters to sponsor a catfish under the organizations name. Each catfish that is sponsored earns the non profit organization $5

Non profits that get the most sponsored catfish wins $500

The winning fish wins the non profit organization $1,000

We will choose (up to) a total of 10 non profits for the 2021 races.

Due to the large number of sponsored catfish we will break the races into 2 nights. 5 non profits will race on Friday September 24th at 6pm and the remaining 5 non profits will race on Saturday September 25th at 6pm.


The winner from Friday night MUST be present on Saturday for the winning heat otherwise they will forfeit to the Saturday winner.

Depending on how many sponsored catfish your organization has this task could take an hour or more. 

Please fill out the registration form below to enter your organization. We will then choose 10 (or less depending on registrations)  to participate in this fundraiser. We will announce the participating 10 (or less) non profits for 2021 on February1st 2021 and begin taking catfish sponsors. 

Participating non profits will be allowed to set up a 10x10 tent for one or both nights at no charge. Information handouts only only, no sales. Please contact a staff member if you wish to sell items at this event. 

We will wish you all good luck and we hope to see you all at the CATFISH races~!

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